A selection of Hamish’s work

Image by Hallie Bateman, for  PandoDaily

Image by Hallie Bateman, for PandoDaily


Move Fast, Break Things. The sad story of Platform, Facebook’s gigantic missed opportunity. PandoDaily

The Talented Mr Green: How FWD.us Lost New York, Elon Musk, and the Tech Moral High Ground. The Mark Zuckerberg-backed tech lobby group FWD.us has alienated supporters with its early tactics in an effort to get an immigration bill passed by Congress. PandoDaily


Current affairs

The Unsettling Recklessness of Peter Jackson’s West of Memphis. To clear the name of the West Memphis Three who were convicted in a 1993 murder, a powerful new documentary makes the case for another suspect. But is that actually responsible? The Atlantic

Sex at Dawn. When it comes to sex, we’ve got it all wrong, according to what’s being touted as the most important book about sexuality since Kinsey. New Zealand Listener



Robert Smith Interview. The Cure frontman discusses aging, the band today, and an unexpected trip. New Zealand Herald

Bret McKenzie Interview. The Flight of the Conchords star imparts the secrets of writing music for The Muppets. The Guardian