A selection of Hamish’s stories.


Beta China: The Dawn of an Innovation Generation. An examination of China’s most innovative Internet companies, and what the US can learn from them. (Ebook)

Move Fast, Break Things. The sad story of Platform, Facebook’s gigantic missed opportunity.

The Talented Mr Green: How Lost New York, Elon Musk, and the Tech Moral High Ground. The Mark Zuckerberg-backed tech lobby group has alienated supporters with its early tactics in an effort to get an immigration bill passed by Congress.

Web 2.0 Is Over, All Hail the Age of Mobile. When they look back at this era, Internet historians will mark Facebook’s Instagram acquisition as the symbolic moment when the Great Shift was confirmed.

The Future of Magazines Should Look a Lot Like Spotify. We live in an era of self-driving cars, but we are stuck reading magazine journalism the way it has always been presented.

Cyworld, Protest, and Politics: The Story of  a Korean Innovator. South Korea has never had a Mark Zuckerberg figure, but Yong Joon Hyoung is probably the closest thing to it.

Current affairs

Fishy business. Drug cartels are running wild on the Texas-Mexico border, but is the story of a recent disappearance too good to be true? New Zealand Listener. 

Until proven innocent. Intense lobbying by celebrity supporters led to the release of the West Memphis Three after 18 years in prison. But has justice been served? South China Morning Post.

Guest column on Occupy Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street movement provides a counter-weight to the Tea Party. Sunday Star-Times.

The GOP’s sinophile US Presidential candidate. Can former China Ambassador Jon Huntsman emerge from a pack of also-rans? Asia Sentinel.


Sting interview. The musician speaks ahead of his tour with Edin Karamazov. Time Out Sydney.

Michael K Williams interview. The star of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire talks about his stand-out roles. New Zealand Listener.

From Smashing Pumpkins to wrestling. Not content with millions of record sales, Billy Corgan has launched a wrestling league. The Guardian.

Bret McKenzie interview. The Flight of the Conchords star imparts the secrets of writing music for The Muppets. The Guardian.

Robert Smith interview. The Cure frontman discusses aging, the band today, and an unexpected trip.
New Zealand Herald.

Good time Charlie. It takes more than a drug-fuelled public meltdown to take the gloss off Charlie Sheen. South China Morning Post.

MGMT interview. Having moved on to newer things, MGMT have also learned to appreciate the hits that made them. South China Morning Post.

Culture & society

Sex at Dawn. When it comes to sex, we’ve got it all wrong, according to what’s being touted as the most important book about sexuality since Kinsey. New Zealand ListenerPDF

Dad’s was Vietnam, son’s is Iraq. John Berthelsen and his son Christian are perhaps the only father-son reporter combination to cover the defining wars of their generations. TruthOut.

Beyond beliefs. Psychologist Jesse Bering says human instinct for belief in a higher being can be trouble. New Zealand Listener.

Expat or immigrant. What does it mean to be a foreigner in Hong Kong? Time Out Hong Kong. PDF